Who We Help

Our seniors live on average incomes of $233 per week ($316 per week for couples). These seniors struggle to afford such necessities as food, clothing, transportation, prescriptions, mortgage payment or rent, home repair and medical care.



Of all seniors living in St. Louis City, 61% are homeowners. The other 39% are renters. (census.gov ACS)
Whether home owner or renter, those we serve do not have the skill or financial resources to maintain a safe home. We evaluate and provide the repairs and improvements to make their home safe.

56% of seniors in St. Louis City fall below the economic security threshold, compared to the estimated 10% national rate.
Often, our seniors have to make a decision between the cost of medication, home repairs or paying utilities. We provide assessments to help them find resources to bridge this gap.

According to the CDC, 95% of Missouri seniors over 65 had one chronic disease, 80% had two and about 65% had three.
With so many of our seniors having chronic diseases, it is necessary to assist with home care to ensure they are taking their medications correctly.

32% of senior households in the City of St. Louis do not have access to a vehicle. (census.gov)
The inability to drive for grocery shopping and errands leads to isolation for the seniors we serve. Often times a visit from a caregiver is their only interaction with others.

Direct Services to Seniors

Direct Services

From June 1, 2017—May 31, 2018, 1534 seniors were served through St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation with services from St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions.

These seniors, financially insecure, have limited family and resources and are intimidated by the services available to them. Our services, provided at no cost, help them obtain the resources and guidance they need to thrive as a senior in today’s society.

Because of our donors, these seniors have been afforded the opportunity to remain living safely, independently and healthy in their homes.

Funding Max

From June 1, 2017—May 31, 2018, over $1.1 million dollars was raised to support our charitable programs.

These donations came from individuals, corporations, grants and foundations. The annual Ageless Remarkable Saint Louisans Gala, held in October, raised 37% of these funds from individuals and corporations.

Our donors are appreciated for their continued support of the gala, as well as Celebrate Summer, our Annual Campaign and Memorials and Tributes.

With the support of our donors, we are making a difference in the lives of those who have made such a difference in ours.